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Here at T&T Produce, we support our local farms to ensure that our partners receive the freshest produce in the region. Local farms are supported with financial and educational resources to nurture greater availability of locally grown produce through our partnership with Greener Fields Together.

In our endeavor to bring the best produce to our customers, we remain steadfast in creating sustainable relationships with local farmers, charitable organizations, and recycling programs to reduce energy and waste.

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Greener Fields Together

Greener Fields Together

T&T Produce


T&T Produce, as a PRO*ACT distributor, supports Greener Fields Together, a groundbreaking, industry-wide sustainability program for the entire produce value chain. As a formalized, stand-alone program, Greener Fields Together engages and involves farmers, distributors, foodservice operators and retail locations in efforts to work toward safer produce from seed to fork.

Greener Fields Together has two primary goals: To implement sustainability practices that will improve environmental impact, and, to ensure the availability and safety of produce for foodservice and retail partners in all industry segments.

Safe, sustainable produce. That’s what Greener Fields Together was created to deliver. Why? Because a seed-to-fork approach that educates and engages partners at every link in the fresh produce supply chain is the right thing to do. Greener Fields Together quantifies sustainability efforts with every partner, facilitates continuous improvement at every link and, ultimately, creates a future for conscious production and consumption.

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Local Farms

Local Farms

T&T ProducE

Our commitment to sustainability is coexistent with our responsibility to buy local. Our investment in creating new opportunities for these farmers is our way of recognizing the efforts being made by local producers to feed their communities. This collaboration gives us all a chance to share our pride of place and the production that happens in various regions within our country.

Local farms we partner with:

Monterey Mushrooms – Monterey, TN – Mushrooms

North Carolina – Sweet Potatoes 

Jem Farms – Loxahatchee, Florida – Cabbage


Coggin – Lake Park, GA – Carrots, Broccoli, Cucumbers

Flavor Pic – Birmingham, AL – Green Cabbage, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Cantaloupes

Mayfield – Athens, TN – Vine Ripe Tomatoes, squash, Corn, watermelon

Williams Farms – Moultrie, GA – Celery

Wilkinson – Camilla, GA – Corn

Wish – Plant City, FL – Strawberries

Goodson – Balm, FL – Bell Pepper

Delvin – College Grove, TN – Kale, Strawberries, V Ripes, Squash

Thomas – Boca Raton, FL – Squash

Moore & Porter – Thomasville, GA – Green Cabbage

Wayne E. Bailey – Birmingham, AL – Sweet Potatoes

Roberson – Chadbound, NC – Jb. Red Onions

J. Durbin – Canton, AL – Peaches

Baker – Norman Park, GA – Turnip Greens

S & P – Parrish, FL – Cantaloupes

Gary Andrew – Rainsville, AL – B-reds, Yukons