Our Vendors

Our Vendors

Bench Mark Potato Company Inc.

Bench Mark Potato is a licensed fresh Idaho® potato shipper based in Rexburg, Idaho. The company is owned by a small group of local potato growers, and all of them are committed to growing quality Russet Burbank potatoes.


Tom Lange Co.

We are a grower/shipper, importer/exporter, and distributor of everything from asparagus and blueberries, to citrus and strawberries — making us true experts at simplifying fresh for our customers.

Borden Dairy

We’ve celebrated many milestones along our 150 year journey – like being the first dairy producer to distribute milk in those timeless glass bottles. Our commitment to quality and freshness is our way of sharing our family pride, from our kitchen to yours.


Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms’ high quality salads and vegetables begin with high quality farming families. Since the beginning we’ve partnered with over 100 family growers across the country; several have been farming in the Salinas Valley since the early 1920’s.


Monterey Mushrooms

In 1971, Monterey Mushrooms® started as a single mushroom farm in Watsonville, Calif.  The company has since expanded to 10 locations in the United States and Mexico and offers a variety of fresh and value-added mushroom products.

Sungarden Sprouts

Sungarden Sprouts, a division of International Speciality Supply, has been providing quality sprouts the Southeastern US since 1979. We grow and sell alfalfa, clover, radish, red lentils, green peas, mung bean sprouts, and broccoli. Our rigorous quality and food safety processes and procedures ensure our sprouts are among the safest in the industry.


As your trusted dairy, Mayfield is passionate about the purity of your milk. That’s why we hold the family of DairyPure® products to the high standards of our exclusive 5-Point Purity Promise®. It’s what keeps our milk so pure, fresh and delicious from farm to fridge, and why DairyPure is a name you can trust.